We have supported several large, strategic projects and change initiatives in oil & gas, water, technology implementation, government, and business development. Integrated and managed distributed, multidisciplinary, and multicultural consulting teams working in several sites in Mexico, the US, and for some projects, across countries. Between them:

creCRE 2015. We design and implemented the elaboration process of the 24 energy markets regulatory matrix responsibility of the Commission, critical task for the implementation of the Mexico’s Energy Reform, achieving the goal of designing, undergo public consultation, approve, and publish all of the required regulations in time.
PEMEXPEMEX 2012-2014: Implemented the allocation process of 1200 specialists to upstream design projects across the four regions, establishing minimums for planning and control.
CONAGUAConagua, Mexico’s Water Commission 2009-2012: Facilitated the strategy formulation process which involved over 2500 organizations across the 13 regions, which produced the 2030 Water Agenda, currently guiding Mexico’s water resource management.
PEMEXPEMEX 2008-2009: Facilitated the Exploration Group transformation from a function-led organization to a project-led organization, which met the goal of 100% oil reserves replacement in 12 months. 
GRUPO MODELOGrupo Modelo 2001-2007: Provided a variety of support services for the project “Modelo Extremo”, an intense transformation process that resulted in an increase in the company’s worth by a factor of 20 over a span of 5 years. 
GNPGrupo Nacional Provincial – Grupo Bal 1994-2001 – Over a span of 7 years, supported multiple project teams that led an ambitious program of diversification and strategic, operational, and technological innovation. 

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